POOL COVER – 12 ft. round pool X 30″ deep


This Pool Net is for leaves  in the summer and Winter.   Made in USA!

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Stock # P1212   Pool cover ideal for small round pools .  This net is for 12 ft. round  pool 30″ deep.  The netting 14 ft. X 14 ft.  1/8  brown mesh.    This net is designed to  keep leave and other small debris out the pool and less work to keep your pool clean.  Easy to install – spread over the pool – take 2 or 3 black straps attach to the loops on the net around the  side of the pool.    Easy to remove net with the leaves and debris remove black strap from the end yu start and pull toward the other side.    With the width of the net it form a bag effect than drag the leaves to desired location .   When not in use keep away from the sun and the mice , they are its main enemy.    Also helps when storing the pool for the winter  after place the blanket over the pool  put the leave net on top.   In the spring drag the net off first with the leaves and all the debris it is much easier to remove  the blanket.   You will be glad you invested in this product.    This is not a SAFETY NET!      Made in USA