Drop net 36″ X 36″X 1/ 8″ Nylon Rep. Net


Drop or Umbrella Net for one-man bait catching. These nets are easy to use from a bridge or pier or boat or any place over water. Even Kids can use and have a ton of fun. Get New net not a new frame.

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A drop-net is one of the best devices known , for one-man bait catching.  These nets are easy to use from a bridge or pier or boat  or any place over water . Even kids can use and have a ton of fun .

Douglas drop-net are easily assembled by inserting galvanized , spring-steel spreading rods into  a steel center plate .  The nets are bound with heavy cord and have a loop in each corner that is crimped to the rods .  A 3 -foot heavy cord is furnished  for attaching the net to a pole .  The knitted nets are available  in brown polyester  or white or green Nylon . Made in the USA.

Umbrella Folding Drop Net is the best that can be bought. It is similar to the standard drop net , except the spreading rods are hinged with 2 plates with eye-bolt and need not be disassembled . To replace the net is easy ( is not crimped on the rods )  The frame will last a long time there replacement nets available .   The knitted nets come in brown polyester or white or green nylon.  Made in the USA>


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